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Nakoma Caddie Program

Participants in the caddie program at Nakoma Golf Club

Nakoma G.C. has the strongest caddie program in the Madison area with "1,400+" caddie rounds annually and the caddie program in full gear when school is out. The golf shop has put together an ambitious group of 30+ boys and girls age 13 and older as well as some UW-Madison Evans Scholars to help you better enjoy your next golf round.

Purpose of a Caddie
Nakoma caddies can help members enjoy their next round. Caddying provides a young boy or girl an opportunity to earn money around the game of golf. A caddie will:

  • Allow you to walk the course and increase your exercise.
  • Ensure proper care of the golf course.
  • Find your ball on that very rare occasion you off from the fairway.
  • Replace divots and rake bunkers.
  • Wash your ball and provide yardages.

Caddie Rates
Pay scales vary but typically Rookies are $30 base with $10 gratuity, Intermediate are $35 base with $10-$20 gratuity and Honor/Evans/Play Caddies $40 base with $20+ gratuity. You can always ask the golf shop for direction on rates too.

How to sign up for a Caddie
Caddies are assigned through your tee time on ForeTees by indicating “CDY” for your round. You can set your profile to default to “CDY”. The busier days for caddies are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, 18 hole Ladies and events. To ensure availability the golf shop appreciates advance notice that you would like a caddie by signing up on ForeTees or by calling the Golf Shop.

We have 3 Goals for our Nakoma Caddie/Evans Scholar Committee:

  1. Help promote the Caddie program/usage with members
  2. Help promote Nakoma's Evans Scholarship membership and our local Nakoma Foundation Scholarship Program.
  3. Help promote the caddie opportunity and exposure of golf to young people

Don't be surprised at the impact a caddie job can have as it can be a fantastic learning experience for these hardworking young boys and girls. Know that the caddie is there because they want to be — they are being paid to help you enjoy your round of golf.

Thank you in advance for all your support of the Nakoma caddie program!

Nakoma Caddie/Evans Scholar Committee

  • Adam Poast – Asst. Golf Professional – Caddie Master
  • Brad Peck – Head Golf Professional
  • Steve Hird - Director – Western Golf Association – Nakoma
  • Reid MacGuidwin - Director - Western Golf Association - Nakoma
  • Phil Plourd - Director - Western Golf Association - Nakoma
  • Ed Murphy
  • Dan Pechauer
  • Rick Viviani

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