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Overview of hole #1

Hole 1

Nakoma’s 1st hole is indicative of our classic layout. You are given a well defined tee shot with several different options to play the hole. The key features on #1 are the sentinel oak left and the tournament white bunkers flanking the right side of the fairway. Elect to play conservatively to 100-140 yards out for a short iron approach or try and cut the corner and leave yourself a short pitch to a small undulating green guarded by bunkers short and right.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 9/7

Overview of hole #2

Hole 2

A medium length par 3 with a wide but very shallow green. Club selection is vital to avoid the deep bunkers short and left. Shots going long will find one of Nakoma’s many challenging chipping areas. The relatively flat putting surface is very subtle and difficult to read.

Par: 3/3
Handicap: 15/13

Overview of hole #3

Hole 3

A long and tight par 4 made even more challenging by playing uphill into the prevailing wind. Drives must avoid the right side as any shot that finds the rough will be blocked by the large oak and maple trees. The small green slopes from back to front. Par is a great score on one of Nakoma’s many demanding par 4’s.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 5/4

Overview of hole #4

Hole 4

A par 3 requiring just a short or middle iron, #4 provides the best birdie opportunity on the front 9. Don’t be lulled to sleep as any shot short and right finds the cavernous bunker, players bailing left will kick down a large bank leaving a very difficult pitch.

Par: 3
Handicap: 17/17

Overview of hole #5

Hole 5

A beautiful dogleg right par 4 framed by white scotch pines on the right and bunkers long and left. The conservative tee shot will leave an approach of 120-150 yards to another well guarded green. Players attempting to cut the corner need to consider the out of bounds through the fairway. Club selection is vital to avoid the large bunker on the right and chipping area to the left.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 7/9

Overview of hole #6

Hole 6

At over 580 yards Nakoma’s first par 5 is the most challenging tee shot on the course. Player’s face a blind tee shot to a narrow hog back fairway. You must avoid the cluster of large pines that frame both sides of the fairway. The second shot usually will be from a downhill lie and has to navigate the fairway bunker placed at 120 yards. The green slopes back to front and can be deceptively fast.

Par: 5/5
Handicap: 1/1

Overview of hole #7

Hole 7

Nakoma’s most demanding par 3 requires a long iron or fairway wood to a narrow green protected by a yawning bunker left and arborvitaes right. The smart play takes advantage of the run area up short of the green leaving an uphill putt or chip.

Par: 3/3
Handicap: 13/15

Overview of hole #8

Hole 8

Another great Nakoma par 4 playing dramatically uphill into the prevailing wind to a narrow fairway framed by giant white pines and oaks. If you can find the fairway the fun has just begun, you are now asked to hit a long iron into a two tired green that is bunkered short and right with OB long.

Par: 4/5
Handicap: 3/3

Overview of hole #9

Hole 9

This dogleg left par 4 is the shortest on the course with the beautiful UW arboretum left. Tee shots must be placed past the 120 yard marker and right of center to avoid the overhanging oaks at the corner of the dogleg. The putting surface again moves subtly with the back third sloping away from the golfer.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 11/11

Overview of hole #10

Hole 10

The back 9 begins with the most difficult hole on the course. A very long par 4 with water right and OB left. Drives must find the fairway to leave a long iron or wood to a very well guarded target. The subtle green is protected by a bunker and OB left with Mitchie's stream on the right.

Par: 4/5
Handicap: 2/2

Overview of hole #11

Hole 11

Straight away par 4 with a tranquil stream meandering down the entire left side and in front of the flattest and some would say the most difficult green to read on the property. The advanced player may elect to play the secret tee behind #10 green which adds 40 yards to an already demanding hole.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 10/8

Overview of hole #12

Hole 12

A shorter, uphill par 4 guarded by wetlands on the left and towering oaks on the right. The second shot is played to an elevated green; you must avoid the deep bunker short yet stay below the hole.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 12/12

Overview of hole #13

Hole 13

The shortest par 3 on the course; the tee shot is a short or middle iron to a semi blind green that subtlety slopes away from the player. A well placed chipping area witnesses a lot of action on shots played long.

Par: 3/3
Handicap: 18/18

Overview of hole #14

Hole 14

One of Nakoma most picturesque holes is a par 4 with trouble long and left. You cannot bail out right as the maple and honey locust trees will require a creative recovery. A large green is well protected by a bunker short and right. Pay close attention the subtle ridge in front third of this large green.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 8/10

Overview of hole #15

Hole 15

Short par 4 hole that provides options off the tee. The fairway pinches in by scotch pines and maples at 120 yards. Do you lay up to 150 yards or take a chance with driver to allow a much shorter pitch shot and possible birdie. Back third of the green breaks far less than it appears.

Par: 4/4
Handicap: 14/14

Overview of hole #16

Hole 16

One of the few holes on the course that plays downhill and it is a welcome birdie chance. The second shot provides many options those electing to challenge Thorstad’s lake flanking the front and left of this interesting two tired green.

Par: 5/5
Handicap: 4/4

Overview of hole #17

Hole 17

A mid iron is required to navigate bunkers flanking each side of maybe the most undulating green at Nakoma. The large mound in middle of the green will influence every putt.

Par: 3/3
Handicap: 15/16

Overview of hole #18

Hole 18

The finishing hole is Nakoma’s shortest par 5 but is no guaranteed birdie. The tee shot must avoid the water hazard right. Longer hitters are faced with the decision and try to fly the hazard and steer clear of the directional bunkers long and left. The green is slightly elevated and two-tiered. The back pin is particularly challenging because of the greens steep ridge and OB long.

Par: 5/5
Handicap: 5/6


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