Nakoma Golf Club 2020 Guidelines for Caddies and Golfers That Use Them

In the wake of COVID-19, the Nakoma Caddie Committee, with guidance from the WGA has developed the following procedures for the 2020 Caddie Season.

All caddies and members utilizing caddies will be required to sign off indicating they will adhere to these Guidelines.  

General Guidelines
  • Any member or caddie with any respiratory illness should stay at home until all symptoms have cleared. You must remain asymptomatic and fever free for one week before returning.
  • Frequent washing/sanitization of hands is encouraged and adequate hydration should be maintained.
  • Members and caddies should practice current social distancing guidelines - stay at least 6 feet away from all other golfers and other caddies at all times.

Caddies and Golfers must adhere to the following:
  • No handshaking or other form of physical contact.
  • Caddies will not tend pins.
  • Caddies will not clean golf balls.
  • Caddies will not handle any clubs of their member or other members at any time and while fore caddying.
  • Caddies and golfers should not share rangefinders.
  • Caddies and golfers should not share umbrellas.
  • Caddies should not rummage through golf bags looking for balls, tees, etc.

Fore Caddying:
  • In the event a caddie needs to fore caddie, the member will pull their own clubs and return them to their bag after the shot. Caddies will not pull member clubs or handle other player clubs.

On the Green
Caddies may repair ball marks but must do so while adhering to our distancing guidelines.  If asked, caddies may assist in reading putts but you must keep proper distancing from each other and the other members of your group.

On the Tee Box
On tee boxes caddie will set the bag at the tee markers and back away at least 10 feet until you’ve hit and returned the club to the bag.  On most par 4s and 5s, caddies have been instructed to leave the golfer’s driver (or driving club) and then head out to forecaddie.  Golfers might want to keep an extra ball in their pocket on holes where out-of-bounds or hazards might come into play.

In the Fairway
The caddie will place the bag in the appropriate position, step at least 6 feet away and communicate your distance.  The golfer should grab his own club and return it to the golf bag after the shot.  Caddies will clean the head but other than that, minimize touching of the golfer's equipment.  Depending upon the outcome of the shot, the golfer should grab his putter/wedge, etc.

Scheduling and Payment
All loops will be scheduled through ForeTees. Caddies should show up no more than 20 minutes prior to their scheduled loop and leave the premises immediately after the round.  Caddies should stay clear of the bag room/staging area and wait along the fence near the bike rack behind the 10th tee.

Payment should be done electronically if possible (Venmo, Apple Pay, etc.) - your caddie can indicate if they have an account. Cash would be the second option.

Please make sure you fill out the Caddie Comment Cards as usual and deposit them in the green box near the caddie bulletin board. This is how we make sure the caddie gets credit for the loop and we DO care about your feedback, good or bad.

If you have any questions or concerns on these policies please let the Golf Shop (Brad or Adam) or any of the Caddie Committee members know.  All of us are interested in making sure the Nakoma caddie program continues to flourish and that happens when we all work together.

Thank you for your continued support of the Nakoma G.C. Caddie Program!

Caddie Committee
Steve Hird
Reid MacGuidwin
Dan Pechauer
Rick Viviani
Ed Murphy
Steve Skoronski
Brad Peck
Adam Poast

By signing below, I confirm that I have read and will comply with the Nakoma Golf Club Guidelines for Caddies and Golfers.